Roots & Intentions

Since I was child I have been writing short stories, poetry, songs, essays, and articles. It was not until my incredible mother passed on in 2015, that I was inspired to turn my dreams of writing into reality. My mother always urged me to write. This is your gift Lauren, keep writing-keep doing this for people. So I listened to her and began writing essays and stories with themes near and dear to my heart. In 2015, I realized a dream of becoming published with my debut in Saratoga Mama Magazine. Since then I have had articles published in 2016 and 2017 for this magazine. I have been recognized for these contributions to our local magazine by many people and businesses. In 2015 my skills and talents were rewarded when my employer, AIM Services, promoted me to a primary Grant Writer. Today, right now, it is my calling to begin telling the important stories that surround us. 

We are all given gifts in this world; some many, some just a few, maybe just one. It is my dream that we all listen closely to ourselves and not overlook our gifts. Sometimes it is the stories of others; the moments when someone ceaselessly chased their dreams and remained connected to their gifts, that remind us of our own.

I have discovered that we pass by so many people in our day that are changing the world. They are, we are, so much more than what we happen to be doing at any given moment; yet others define us, or we let ourselves be defined, by singular moments in time. If we could just peek behind each other's curtain, I know we would amaze and inspire one another or perhaps soften our hearts for those we may be critiquing so harshly. It is my mission to start telling the stories of the unsung heroes. Enjoy them, love them, become one.